You’ve found my site on Purposed4Leadership

If, like me, you long to share your faith and make a difference to your family, community and your nation, but you don’t see yourself as a Minister in Church or a Missionary then this site is for you.

More and more there is a need for ‘market place’ ministry.  Those who not only take the ‘Good News’ into their place of work or business but demonstrate it as a leader of character who stands out

So what is being Purposed for Leadership?

Well, we all recognise a child who has great sporting capability, we accept when that child matures into the best football player in the country…or the world that it’s as if it was meant to be. Likewise, with many doctors they feel that their work is a vocation, a calling.  All this points to them having a strong sense of purpose that motivates them to do what they do.

I believe that God gifted every person, whether they know him or not, with certain talents and abilities, but more than that he put a longing in our hearts to do something significant.   That longing is different for each of us.

There has been several books both faith-based and secular challenging each of us to discover our “Why”.  That thing that gives meaning to our lives.  Being purposed for leadership is part of my Why.

Being purposed for leadership is having an innate sense of wanting to achieve a goal or purpose bigger than ourselves to the benefit of others – it’s being relationally focused first and then choosing to lead for the benefit of those relationships.

How do you define leadership?

I define leadership, not as being charismatic or just a great communicator.  We all know people who just seem naturally comfortable, even from a young age in leading, and  they can influence others, for good or bad.

What makes such a leader effective is not simply their technical skills and persuasive abilities but being able to Inspire, Serve and Connect and thereby influence others. Those purposed for leadership see the vision or goal and inspire others, especially their teams, to partner with them in fulfilling it, they serve others focusing on and believing in their ability to achieve great things and seeking to draw out that greatness from within them and lastly, they choose to connect with their team in an authentic way – building strong relationships of trust whereby the team know the leader has their good at heart.

So does that mean people who are not ‘purposed for leadership can’t be leaders?
Not at all.   My view is of course people who are not purposed for leadership can be leaders.  In-fact, anyone can aspire to and even achieve competency as a leader.             But here’s the thing…

We have the capacity to be multi-talented, and in times past we were encouraged to develop our areas of weakness.  For some this may have been developing their management skills enabling them to take on leadership roles.  However, I believe we have innate preferred motivational talents, connected to our God given personalities. When we focus on the things we do less well, rather than focusing on those things we are motivated and talented in it can have an impact on us emotionally and physically.  This makes it difficult to sustain being in a role that does not lend itself to our preferred motivational talents and in the long run will lead to burn-out!

3d man carrying big red word problem on his back isolated on white background 3D rendering

So if you hear the call to leadership, especially leadership that demonstrates the glory of God – Yahweh then  I challenge you to step out and come with me on this journey.

My goal is to support, encourage and help you take practical steps as you lead, or become a leader, that allows Holy Spirit to transform you and others around you, without you carrying the burden.