About Us

Who We Are

We are a UK Community Interest Company inspired by our Faith in Jesus, who saw everyone as valuable.  We believe you are not an accident  and you have a purpose.  We have a passion for helping people, especially young people, become who they were created to be. We use a strengths-based approach that helps you build Resillience and become a Purposed Leader so you can lead the way in bringing solutions to transform our world

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Our Purpose (Why)

The Challenge

  • There is a crisis of Leadership.  Recent elections globally have seen huge swings and landslide wins as citizens show their dissatisfaction for the leaders who were governing, rather than giving a unanimous vote of approval for incoming administrations.  People are fed up of corrupt self-serving leaders and they are desperate for them and their families to be able to flourish.

The Need:

  • What is needed is not more competence, nor more humane approaches and philosophies – what is needed is a different kind of leader. A leader who understands, like the Jesuits, that Leadership starts with self-leadership because “Leadership is not an act [behaviour]; it’s a way of living”[1]  that flows from our attitudes, beliefs and commitments and so requires an inside out journey.

Our Purpose

  • To take people on this journey that leads to Purposed Leaders. This is our why, the reason we exist!


    [1] “Heroic Leadership: Best Practices from a 450 year old company that changed the world”.

    Our Vision, Mission & Values

    Our  Vision is to:

    • Develop purposed leaders – those who have an innate sense of wanting to achieve a vision or goal bigger than themselves for the benefit of others.

     Our  Mission is to:

    • Work with potential leaders, especially youths drawn from disadvantaged backgrounds or who are disengaged 
    • help these potential leaders discover who they were created to be
    • equip them to lead in the future

    Our Values:

    • Character
    • Authenticy
    • Relationship
    • Effectiveness

    Our Services

    We want our Community Interest Company (CIC) to be sustainable and that means not being reliant on donations. We also want to model what we believe, that everyone has something of value to offer the world and so we don’t need to have an ‘entitlement mentality’, so…

    We provide coaching and training services at ‘market rates’ to the private sector and third sector organisations.  A significant proportion of the revenue generated, after operating expenses, goes towards sponsoring our leadership programmes for disadvantaged youth.

    Connect with us to learn more about these services:  felicial@purposed4leadership.org 

    Meet Felicia

    Felicia Linch

    Felicia Linch

    Founder & CEO

    Felica is a consultant, coach, author, and leader. She helps Senior leaders execute innovative strategies that deliver results and build high performing teams. Felicia is driven and passionate about breaking down barriers and changing limiting beliefs & perceptions. She is the CEO of Kitch International Ltd, based in the UK and leads their brands Kitch Consulting and Kitch Coaching working internationally.