About Us

Who We Are

We are a faith-based community interest company.  We help you become a Purposed Leader so you can lead the way in bringing solutions to transform our world

We believe you are not an accident  and you have a purpose.  We have a passion for helping people, especially young people, become who they were created to be 

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Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision is to:

  • Develop purposed leaders – those who have a sense of purpose to achieve a goal bigger than themselves for the benefit of others.

 Our  Mission is to:

  • identify leaders from amongst those youths who have limited opportunities
  • help them  discover who they were created to be
  • and equip them to skills for the future

Our Values:

  • Character
  • Authentic
  • Relational
  • Effective

Our Organization

Purposed4Leadership is a Christian faith-based community interest company registered in the United Kingdom.

Our Executive Leadership team consists of our Founder and Director, Felicia Linch, Director, Sophia Prince and Director, Gillian Rowe.

The Board of Purposed4Leadership includes seasoned servant-leaders who have a heart to see the transformation of our world, including in the areas of Government,  Business, Education, Media, Entertainment, Church and Families so that each of these areas is a blessing  to people.

Our Services


Purposed4Leadership is supported by a team of certified coaches who help deliver one-to-one coaching,.


 We also have a network of facilitators who deliver our training programmes, and a significant proportion of the revenue generated, after operating expenses goes towards sponsoring leadership programmes for disadvantaged youth.

Connect with us to learn more: info@purposed4leadership.org

Meet Felicia

Felicia Linch

Felicia Linch

Founder & CEO

Felica is a consultant, coach, author, and leader. She helps Senior leaders execute innovative strategies that deliver results and build high performing teams. Felicia is driven and passionate about breaking down barriers and limiting changing perceptions. As Director she leads Kitch Consulting and Coaching Ltd based in the Caribbean, originally incorporated in 2007.