I’m in the U.K. catching up with family. It’s always a blessing to connect with people we love. Share a laugh, share sorrows and re-connect.

What has struck me as I’ve been out and about is how technology is now centre stage in our lives. Contactless payments, where you just tap your card and the transaction is complete. I’d never experienced that before and the sales assistants looked at me like I’m from the dark ages! I can now scan a QR code and pay for parking,  restaurants with free Wi-Fi as standard etc. None of this is a bad thing. Technology sure makes life easier. However, are we cogniscant of the trade off we’re making.

Communication but little connection

Andrew, my hubby, and I have been out for dinner a few times. We saw so many couples, groups of friends (young and old) out for a meal together. Yet, there was little or no conversation as each person was on their phone. The meal comes and pictures are taken and the phones are finally put down temporarily to eat.

Don’t misunderstand me. I love technology but it’s no substitute for connection.  Connection isn’t built on inspirational quotes, or great pics on Instagram. Connection is about relationship. That means getting involved with people, it means real talk.  I love the old red telephone booths, they represent an era of real talk.

Real talk means being vulnerable, not pretending our lives are like some movie or that we have it all together. Real talk helps us remember reality 

Lifes not perfect nor are people but there’s joy in the ups and the downs.

We all let people down at some time in our lives, or anger them or hurt them. But when we are in relationship, we can have real talk that allows us to move past the hurts. Allows us to forgive, be tolerant, love. This is connection.

Leaders connect
Connection isn’t just important in our personal lives. It’s important wherever we have to engage another human being. That means at home, at work at school… everywhere.

A great leader is a Purposed leader who connects with others in an authentic way, building strong relationships of trust.

 Are you connecting with those you have the privilege be to influence?  Are you having real talk? Here’s 3 questions to ask yourself:

1. Do I know what those I work with are passionate about?

2. Do I know whether my team members have families and what they may be struggling to with?

3. Do those I lead know the above things about me?

We go to work to work, and leaders are not counsellors. But people excel when they can bring their whole self to work, when they don’t feel they have to be perfect, or always happy. They can only do that where relationships of trust exist. Where there’s real talk!