Happy New Year folks!

Wishing you a productive and purposeful 2018.

Many people like to make resolutions at this time of year.  For me I like to reflect on the year and think about the lessons I’ll take into the next year.  After all Leaders are learners!

This year I learnt 3 significant lessons:

  1. Speaking Truth to Power – This isn’t always easy but it’s part of the responsibility of leadership! Click here for more on this. 
  2. Integrating  all of Life – Leaders have busy lives. For years I have worked on getting the balance between work and life right. Then a friend shared he had cancer and I realised I’d not seen him in 15 years.  Whatever I’d been doing clearly wasn’t working.  I needed a new approach.  This year I learned that the only way to make time for what’s important was not to focus on one thing but to actually look at all the different categories of life. I evaluated my level of satisfaction in each and took deliberate steps to make change where I was dissatisfied.   I prioritised. It took effort but I’m so glad I did it.  Prioritising family and friends meant integrating my business and social travel schedule in the US, Caribbean and U.K.  It has enriched my life beyond measure and  reminded me how blessed I am.  This has enabled me to lead from a place of contentment deep within, and can I tell you it’s contagious!
  3. Authenticity is a continuous journey –  I’ve invested a lot of time and money over the years on my own development.  This helped me to see who I was created to be, rather than living according to the expectations of others.  This year I learned that my journey to authenticity is far from over. As I strive to be a leader of good character  I found my behaviours did not align with my values. That was hard to swallow.   I realised fear, lack of faith and even a lack of discipline in my personal life were the cause.  So I became deliberate about living my values. This is part of being authentic.


Action Step

As 2017 draws to a close what leadership and life lessons did you learn?

I’d love to hear your key learning points so leave me a comments below or connect with me on Social Media.

Enjoy ringing in the New Year!




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